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Chainsaw Sawhorses

Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorse

Metal Chainsaw Sawhorse

A Chainsaw Sawhorse will allow you to work safer and more efficiently when cutting logs and general timber!

 Using a Chainsaw Sawhorse allows you to support the log or work piece safely whilst allowing you to concentrate clearly on the work load and cutting task in hand.

STIHL Sawhorse Range

There are two models in the range of chain saw accessories manufactured by Stihl. These comprise a lightweight wooden chain saw sawhorse and a heavier duty model manufactured out of galvanised steel. Both models are robust as you would expect coming from this manufacturer. The Stihl Metal Sawhorse also features a spring loaded retaining chain that is used for securely locating the logs to be cut on the sawhorse itself. Both models fold flat for easy transportation and storage also.


Stihl Wooden Chainsaw Sawhorse

      A great value wooden chainsaw saw horse - great value but also great quality as you can expect from Stihl.   It is strong and sturdy and is great for general  logging and cutting firewood. This Stihl Wooden Sawhorse item folds for convenient storage and easy transportation to the work area. This quality item is supplied flat packed for easy home assembly. Why struggle for the inexpensive cost that this is available for ?



Stihl Metal Chainsaw Sawhorse

     A quality and robust metal sawhorse from Stihl. This metal sawhorse is strong, safe and durable, being galvanised to protect from corrosion. This quality saw horse is made from box section galvanised steel tube. Manufactured by the worldwide brand leader of electric & petrol chainsaws, the quality and value for money is second to none! It is ideal for use with either chain or bow saws. The sawhorse folds flat for storage and easy carrying to the work site. This saw horse is supplied with a log securing chain which simply attaches your work piece to the sawhorse using a supplied spring.

If you are looking to purchase a metal sawhorse online, and at the best price, do not consider any other brand - the Stihl Metal Saw Horse is the best you can buy !



Parasene ChainSaw Sawhorse

Parasene Metal Chainsaw Sawhorse


A high quality garden machinery accessory from Parasene. This affordable saw horse is manufactured to a high standard (despite this selling at around the cheapest price you will find a metal saw horse for") using tough box section galvanised steel tubing. The parasene metal sawhorse folds flat for easy transportation and storage when not being used. A log securing chain is standard fitment. This particular saw horse will accept logs and branches up to approximately 10" in diameter (25cm).


 Portek Logmaster Sawhorse

Portek Logmaster Chainsaw Sawhorse


The Portek Logmaster is unique in that it features a bracket to attach your chainsaw in place.

This helps you to take the effort and strain out of the otherwise labour intensive job of cutting and sawing logs. This particular accessory will change the way you use your chain saw forever. The whole process of cutting timber with the logmaster is improved with no more strain on the operators back and arms. The Portek Saw Horse is simple, fast, and effortless to use making the whole task of chopping and cutting logs far safer.

The Portek Logmaster is perhaps the best and safest chainsaw sawhorse you can buy! Using any type of chainsaw can be quite hazardous whether it is a compact electric model or a large petrol forestry saw. This particular brand and model of saw horse can aid even the most experienced user, saving them time and money on reduced labour time, as well as increasing safety levels to a greater standard.

The addition of the logmaster is akin to having another pair of hands. Any forestry worker or gardener / landscaper that has experience of sawing and chopping logs will truly appreciate the all-round design of this piece of equipment.

Work Safer With A Chainsaw Saw Horse !



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