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Dewalt High Performance Cordless Drills

Dewalt's Range Of High Performance Cordless Drills are designed for regular use both in the home & workplace.


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STIHL Sawhorse Range


STIHL HS4518 Petrol Hedgetrimmer: ONLY 255.99 !


A great value for money petrol hedgetrimmer for the home gardener. The Stihl Hs4518 is a two stroke petrol engined unit fitted with a double action and double sided 18" (45cm) blade.

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STIHL HS4524 Petrol Hedgetrimmer: ONLY 259.99 !

     A great value for money petrol hedgetrimmer for the home gardener. The Stihl Hs4524 is a two stroke petrol engined unit fitted with a double action and double sided 24" (60cm) blade.


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Stihl Chain Saw Range


  • Dewalt Drill Drivers:

Stihl's light compact chainsaws are great for cutting small logs, thinning shrubs and bushes, as well as being used for cutting firewood, shaping trees or felling smaller trees. The models in this range including the entry level Ms170 all feature the same technology as used in Stihl's professional saws. This range of light compact chainsaws are perfect for occasional use on the farm, around the home and garden.

  • Dewalt High Performance Drill Drivers:

Several models in the Stihl compact range are available with the "Ergostart". This is a feature which makes the chain saw particularly easy to start with less effort needed on the pull cord. In addition models fitted with the "Ergostart" such as the Ms180C-Be also benefit with having "Quick Chain Tensioning". This device allows the saws chain to be adjusted and tensioned without the need to use any tools.

  • Dewalt Combination Hammer Drills: 

The chain saws that feature in this range, all offer an ideal combination of performance and convenience. These all round chainsaws are outstanding in their class compared to other chainsaw brands. Excellent handling and ergonomics due to an optimum centre of gravity is just one hallmark of these popular saws. The Stihl Ms290 and Stihl Ms390 "Farmboss" models are powerful all round saws, which stand out in the range due to their robust design and durability. These two models are powered by two stroke engines which develop very high and exceptional torque, even at medium speeds, making these the ideal chainsaws for use on farms, orchards and gardens by the professional chainsaw user as well as general use by councils and authorities.

  • Dewalt SDS Hammer Drills:

The models in Stihl's mid range professional saws combine a good power to weight ratio coupled with good balance. These no frills chainsaws have the latest technology without carrying excess weight due to unnecessary features. All the chainsaws in this range have a solid durable construction. They are ideal for everyday professional use. The Stihl Ms341 and Stihl Ms361 are very high powered chainsaws with their petrol engines developing 4.2 bhp & 4.6 bhp respectively. The outstanding power to weight ratio of these two Stihl petrol chainsaws gives dynamic acceleration and very high torque, making them indispensable for use on the farm and in the forest.

  • Dewalt 36v Range:

These comprise a range of powerful petrol chain saws for heavy duty use and/or use for sawing in extreme conditions. Designed by Stihl for use when cutting hardwoods, for use in dense forests or for large tree felling. This range of heavy duty Stihl chainsaws all feature a high engine power and with a relatively low weight allow the user to work comfortably and efficiently even in difficult conditions. The Stihl Ms440 is well equipped for extreme loads and suitable for thinning medium density areas. The Stihl Ms650, Ms660 and Ms880 are all very powerful chainsaws, recommended for the cutting of big timber. The Stihl Ms880 is the top of the range model for large tree felling. Available with the option of a 48" chain bar this saw is the ultimate for the professional chainsaw user.

  • Dewalt Replacement Batteries:

The range of petrol Stihl arborist chainsaws feature two models - the ever popular Stihl Ms200T and the Ms200. The Ms200T is a single top handled saw specially designed for professional tree surgeons, it is intended only for use by qualified and certified tree service personnel when used both at ground level and in climbing situations. The Ms200 is a two handled chainsaw designed for tree surgeons in non climbing situations, offering an excellent power to weight ratio with good swivel cutting characteristics.  

  • Dewalt Radio Battery Chargers:

The Stihl Ms460R is a unique and special chainsaw for use by rescue crews, the emergency services and disaster recovery teams. The Ms460R is a versatile and powerful chainsaw designed specifically for rescue work. Its petrol engine develops enormous power even at medium speeds to allow fast cutting into buildings and rescue areas with ease. The chain fitted to this model is reinforced with tungsten carbide and cobalt to allow it to cut a wide cross section of materials with ease.

Stihl's electric & petrol chainsaws are modern, efficient & combine innovative technology, high performance, good ergonomics and low weight. Stihl chainsaws are used throughout the world not only by professionals, but also by keen gardeners and domestic users who only occasionally reach for the chainsaw. 



Chainsaw Wooden Sawhorse: The wooden sawhorse from Stihl is an invaluable accessory to allow safe chainsaw working.


Why Should I Purchase A Dewalt Power Tool ?

Using a sawhorse allows you to work efficiently & safetly.

What Types Of Sawhorse Are Available ?

Several types of sawhorses are available - popular ones being as in the Stihl range:

these comprise of the standard wooden type, robust steel type, and lastly their robust and handy steel "smart" sawhorse.

Makita Electric Chainsaws.

Ryobi & Stihl Crushes The Competition And Stands Head-And-Shoulders Above The Rest!

Stihl's Technical Features: Below Is A Selection Of The Features On The models From This Quality Manufacturer !

Chainsaw Wooden Sawhorse: The wooden sawhorse from Stihl is an invaluable accessory to allow safe chainsaw working.


Stihl's Petrol Chainsaws Use Specialized Technology

What Can I Use A Chainsaw For?

Popular Chainsaw Brands

  • Stihl's Chainsaws.

  • Makita Electric Chainsaws
  • Bosch Electric Chainsaws
  • Black & Decker Electric Chainsaws.
  • Husqvana.
  • Mcculloch
  • Replacement Chains.
  • Replacement Chain Bars.

Stihl replacement chains combine unrivalled technology and manufacturing quality, they comprise cutting teeth made of high alloyed chrome nickel steel, finely machined holes in the links and hardened rivests. A Stihl chainsaw is economical in use as well as generally having a long service life. For optimum chainsaw use the correct choice of chain is essential. Stihl supplies a wide range of chains for every performance class of saw.

Stihl Replacement Chains & Chain Bars

Stihl Two Stroke & Chain Saw Oils

Here's How You Can Start Using Your Chainsaw!


Stihl Brushcutters - Wide Range Available Now !
Light Petrol Range Professional Range
|Fs38| Fs45 | Fs45c | Fs55 | Fs55r | | Fs75 | Fs80| Fs100 | Fs120 | Fs130 |

STIHL ANATOMICAL HARD HAT: Stihl Code No 00008840113. The popular Stihl "standard" hard hat is a recommended safety helmet for all round chainsaw and landscaping use. The helmet is certified to EN352, 397 & 1731 standards whilst the supplied ear defenders are certified to H3 standard. This helmet is orange in colour and as standard is fitted with a metal mesh visor.

STIHL LIGHT HARD HAT SET:  Stihl Code No 00008840168. The Stihl "hard hat set" is a lightweight hard hat set with a large visor. This chainsaw helmet is certified to EN352, 397, 1731, SNR 26 standards. Ideal for use in vulnerable working areas this helmet is in luminous yellow for improved visibility. The attached ear defenders are blue in colour.

STIHL BIRCH HARD HAT SET: Stihl Code No 00008840158. Tested over many years this is a professional hard hat which features a high level of head protection with high noise reduction ear defenders and an anti dazzle visor.       

STIHL MS170 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS170 petrol chainsaw is the introductory model from Stihl power tools. This compact model has proven features as all the models have from this high quality manufacturer. If you use a saw only occasionally then this may be the one for you.

STIHL MS180 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS180 petrol chainsaw is renowned for its light weight, compact size and good all round capabilities. This good value for money chain saw is made to the same quality as the larger professional models from Stihl, employing the same technology used. If you are after a compact chainsaw for general cutting, logging and shaping this saw should be on your list !

STIHL MS180 C-BE PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS180 C-BE petrol chainsaw is popular for its easy start mechanism as well as its quick chain tensioning system. As with the standard MS180 model this chainsaw features: light weight, a compact size and good all round capabilities. The MS180C-BE has easy starting due to the chainsaw having the fitment of an additional spring between the machines crankshaft and the starting cord rope rotor. The quick chain tensioning system is a feature on this saw whereby after releasing the sprocket cover, the chain tension wheel can be easily adjusted without the need for any tools. In all other respects this chainsaw is identical the standard Stihl MS180 chainsaw.


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