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Important safety tips for all lawnmower user's:

Basic Tips

  • Prior to use of a Honda lawnmower - the appropriate protective safety clothing should be used. This should comprise of safety footwear, protective gloves, protective eye, head & hearing products, and where necessary protective trousers and jackets.

  • Make sure the Honda lawnmower you are using is in good order, well maintained and with a good condition, sharp lawn mowing blade.

  • Make sure the area in which you are mowing is free from obstacles, the blade of the lawnmower must not make contact with the ground or any other object.

  • Prior to starting the engine of the Honda lawnmower, make sure the blade is not contacting anything.

  • Do not allow others or animals to be in the work area whilst the lawnmower is in use.

Honda's petrol lawnmowers are modern, efficient & combine innovative technology, high performance, good ergonomics and value for money. Honda lawnmowers are used throughout the world not only by professionals, but also by keen gardeners and domestic users who require a quality lawnmower that is easy to use. 

Honda Garden Range                                   Honda Izzy Lawnmower Range



Why Should I Buy A HONDA Izy Rotary Lawnmower?

Using a Honda Lawnmower allows you to work efficiently & safetly.

What Models Of Honda's Izy Are Available ?


Lawnmower Safety "Hints & Tips"


Honda's IZY Lawnmower Range Crushes The Competition And Stands Head-And-Shoulders Above The Rest!

Honda's Technical Features: Below Is A Selection Of The Features On The models From This Quality Manufacturer !

  1. Easy To Start Honda Engine: The Honda 4 Stroke Engine is renowned for its quality and above all ease of starting, even in cold climates !

  2. Easy Starting System: Models fitted with the "ElastoStart" have easy smooth starting, a decompression valve and/or a manual fuel pump.

  3. Microprocessor Ignition: The range has a superior tuning of the ignition point for each cycle of revolutions. This gives a long spark duration giving optimum combustion.

  4. Single Handed Engine Control: All the important functions such as start, throttle, and the engine stop can be controlled with only one hand.

  5. At this point you're probably thinking that these new Honda Lawnmowers are "going to be out of my budget." After all, many of their competitors make you pay extra for similar features.

Honda's Petrol Lawnmowers Use Specialized Technology

Renowned Honda Build Quality - Best Lawnmower

Popular Honda Lawnmowers

  • Honda HRG415PD Rotary Mower

  • Honda HRG415SD Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRG465PD Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRG465SD Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRG536SD Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRX426PX Rotary mower
  • Honda HRx426SX Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRX426RX Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRX426QX Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRX476SX Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRX476HX Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRX476QX Rotary Mower
  • Honda HRX537HX Rotary Mower

Honda's replacement blades combine unrivalled technology and manufacturing quality, they comprise edges, finely balanced for improved performance. A Honda blade is economical in use as well as generally having a long service life. For optimum performance genuine Honda replacement blades are recommended.

Enjoy Caring For Your Lawn With A Honda Petrol Lawnmower

HONDA HRG415PD IZY 16" PUSH ROTARY PETROL LAWNMOWER:  The popular and award winning Honda HRG415PD IZZY Rotary Lawnmower. This great value for money lawnmower features Honda's renowned and reliable overhead camshaft four stroke engine. coupled to a 16" metal rotary blade. With six individual cutting heights the HRG415 is able to easily cope with the mowing tasks required of an all-round lawnmower. The Honda Izzy is designed to get the mowing job done as fast as possible to allow you to enjoy your garden.

HONDA HRG415SD 16" SELF PROPELLED ROTARY PETROL LAWNMOWER:  The Honda HRG415SD is a lightweight and popular 16" self-driven rotary lawnmower. This lawnmower certified to EN352, 397, 1731, SNR 26 standards. Ideal for use in vulnerable working areas this helmet is in luminous yellow for improved visibility. The attached ear defenders are blue in colour.

HONDA HRG465PD 18" PUSH ROTARY PETROL LAWNMOWER:  Tested over many years this is a professional hard hat which features a high level of head protection with high noise reduction ear defenders and an anti dazzle visor.       

HONDA HRG465SD 18" SELF PROPELLED ROTARY PETROL LAWNMOWER: The Honda HRG465SD lawnmower is the introductory model from Stihl power tools. This compact model has proven features as all the models have from this high quality manufacturer. If you use a saw only occasionally then this may be the one for you.

HONDA HRG536SD 21" SELF PROPELLED ROTARY PETROL LAWNMOWER: The Honda HRG536SD lawnmower is renowned for its light weight, compact size and good all round capabilities. This good value for money 21" petrl rotary mower is made to the same quality as the larger professional models from Honda, employing the same technology used. If you are after a 21" rotary lawnmower for home use this quality lawnmower should be on your list !


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