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Stihl's electric & petrol chainsaws are modern, efficient & combine innovative technology, high performance, good ergonomics and low weight. Stihl chainsaws are used throughout the world not only by professionals, but also by keen gardeners and domestic users who only occasionally reach for the chainsaw. 

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Chainsaw Wooden Sawhorse: The wooden sawhorse from Stihl is an invaluable accessory to allow safe chainsaw working.


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STIHL MS170 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS170 petrol chainsaw is the introductory model from Stihl power tools. This compact model has proven features as all the models have from this high quality manufacturer. If you use a saw only occasionally then this may be the one for you.

STIHL MS180 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS180 petrol chainsaw is renowned for its light weight, compact size and good all round capabilities. This good value for money chain saw is made to the same quality as the larger professional models from Stihl, employing the same technology used. If you are after a compact chainsaw for general cutting, logging and shaping this saw should be on your list !

STIHL MS180 C-BE PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS180 C-BE petrol chainsaw is popular for its easy start mechanism as well as its quick chain tensioning system. As with the standard MS180 model this chainsaw features: light weight, a compact size and good all round capabilities. The MS180C-BE has easy starting due to the chainsaw having the fitment of an additional spring between the machines crankshaft and the starting cord rope rotor. The quick chain tensioning system is a feature on this saw whereby after releasing the sprocket cover, the chain tension wheel can be easily adjusted without the need for any tools. In all other respects this chainsaw is identical the standard Stihl MS180 chainsaw.

STIHL MS210 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS210 petrol chainsaw is a good value for money chain saw offering a high power output but without the penalty of being a heavy saw. The Ms210 has a low weight (dry of petrol) at only 4.4kg. The Stihl Ms210 has a power output of 2.2 bhp and an engine displacement of 35.2cc.  This model uses the economical "Picco Micro" replacement chains as standard.

STIHL MS230 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS230 petrol chainsaw is a light compact chain saw which is ideal for general tree care, construction work with timber, and felling of trees up to 30cm in diameter. With a two stroke engine - capacity 40.2cc this saw is available in either 14" or 16" bar length.

STIHL MS250 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS250 petrol chainsaw is a powerful chain saw with an outstanding power to weight ratio. With the same dry weight as the Ms210 (only 4.6kg) this chainsaw develops an impressive 3.1 bhp!  This high powered chain saw from Stihl is well suited for felling trees as well as general logging work. The Ms250 is available with three different chain and guide bar sizes: 35cm/14", 40cm/16" and 45cm/18".

STIHL MS270 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS270 petrol chain saw is classed by Stihl as a "versatile all-round chain saw". The MS270 offers an ideal combination of performance and convenience. A hallmark of this great model is the rapid acceleration and high torque which the engine develops. This makes it an outstanding all-rounder in its class. Available in 15", 16" and 18" bar lengths. Also available in C-B version with quick chain tensioning.

STIHL MS280 PETROL CHAINSAW: The Stihl MS280 is the higher powered model to the MS270. Featuring the same characteristics but with a larger 54.2cc two stroke engine developing 3.8bhp this is a state of the art chainsaw. The MS280 is available in 15", 16" and 18" bar lengths.