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Use Your Chainsaw Safely And Effectively. Our Hints & Tips Below Will Show You How To Use You Chain Saw Safely With Ease. How To Confidently Get That Job Done. What Safety Clothing And Equipment To Use.


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The Stihl MS170 petrol chainsaw is the introductory model from Stihl power tools. This compact model has proven features as all the models have from this high quality manufacturer. If you use a saw only occasionally then this may be the one for you.


The Stihl MS180 petrol chainsaw is renowned for its light weight, compact size and good all round capabilities. This good value for money chain saw is made to the same quality as the larger professional models from Stihl, employing the same technology used. If you are after a compact chainsaw for general cutting, logging and shaping this saw should be on your list !


The Stihl MS180 C-BE petrol chainsaw is popular for its easy start mechanism as well as its quick chain tensioning system. As with the standard MS180 model this chainsaw features: light weight, a compact size and good all round capabilities. The MS180C-BE has easy starting due to the chainsaw having the fitment of an additional spring between the machines crankshaft and the starting cord rope rotor. The quick chain tensioning system is a feature on this saw whereby after releasing the sprocket cover, the chain tension wheel can be easily adjusted without the need for any tools. In all other respects this chainsaw is identical the standard Stihl MS180 chainsaw.

Important safety tips for all chainsaw user's:

Basic Tips

  • Prior to use of any chainsaw - the appropriate safety clothing should be used. This should comprise of safety footwear, chainsaw gloves, protective eye, head & hearing products, protective trousers and jackets.

  • Make sure the saw you are using is in good order, well maintained and with a good condition sharp and correctly adjusted chain fitted.

  • Make sure the area in which you are cutting is free from obstacles, the nose and bar of the saw must not make contact with the ground or any other object.

  • Prior to starting the engine of the chain saw, make sure the saw chain is not contacting anything.

  • Do not allow others or animals to be in the work area whilst the chainsaw is in use.


Stihl replacement chains combine unrivalled technology and manufacturing quality, they comprise cutting teeth made of high alloyed chrome nickel steel, finely machined holes in the links and hardened rivests. A Stihl chainsaw is economical in use as well as generally having a long service life. For optimum chainsaw use the correct choice of chain is essential. Stihl supplies a wide range of chains for every performance class of saw.

STIHL ANATOMICAL HARD HAT: Stihl Code No 00008840113. The popular Stihl "standard" hard hat is a recommended safety helmet for all round chainsaw and landscaping use. The helmet is certified to EN352, 397 & 1731 standards whilst the supplied ear defenders are certified to H3 standard. This helmet is orange in colour and as standard is fitted with a metal mesh visor.

STIHL LIGHT HARD HAT SET:  Stihl Code No 00008840168. The Stihl "hard hat set" is a lightweight hard hat set with a large visor. This chainsaw helmet is certified to EN352, 397, 1731, SNR 26 standards. Ideal for use in vulnerable working areas this helmet is in luminous yellow for improved visibility. The attached ear defenders are blue in colour.

STIHL BIRCH HARD HAT SET: Stihl Code No 00008840158. Tested over many years this is a professional hard hat which features a high level of head protection with high noise reduction ear defenders and an anti dazzle visor.       


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